Why Steam Cleaning?

For most people, tile and grout in the bathroom or kitchen is way down the list of favorite things to do. No one likes to drag out an arsenal of cleaning products and spend a good part of the day scrubbing tile and grout only to be disappointed with the results, not to mention being exposed to all types of harsh chemicals and the fumes they emit. There is an easier, safer way to have your tile and grout sparkling clean and sanitized. Call Groutastic!

Our Steam Cleaning Services

Our technician pulls up in our van and introduces himself. He then go over the work to be performed and lets you know which services we will perform.

Our technician will then prepare to clean your tile and grout. He will spray the tile and grout area to be cleaned with a degreasing solution. This cleaning solution is similar to your typical household cleaner but ours is commercial grade to get the most grime out of your tile and grout. The technician will run two rubber hoses from our truck mounted steam cleaner into your home without any mess. The technician will then brush the cleaner into your tile and grout. He will then attach our surface wand to our hose and start to steam extract your dirt and buildup. We steam at 230 degrees and wash your floor with gentile pressure.

Our technician will begin at the furthest spot on your tile and grout and work his way towards the door. As we extract the dirt off your tile and grout you will see how clean it becomes. The dirty water is then stored in a waste tank in our van.

A floor dryer will then be used to speed the drying of your tile and grout. Remember that it can take up to 24 hours for your grout to dry completely and come to its full brightness. However, after about twenty minutes following this process you will be free to walk on your floor. After the cleaning, you will notice that most of the surface dirt is removed. You can also expect that the majority of the discoloration will be gone from the grout.

How to maintain your floor?

The most important part of the cleaning is what you do after our technician leaves. The after care of the floor is very important in keeping it looking good for a long time. Remember that when you use too much cleaner, over clean or do not fresh water wash your floor, you are making things worse.

Think about this…You read the back of your cleaner and it says that it is a “no rinse” cleaner. So you mop your floor and let it dry. What are you really doing? You have just pushed dirty water around your floor, left it sitting and never rinsed it. The water in the cleaner then evaporates leaving behind the dirt and the chemicals in the cleaner behind! That dirt and cleaner residue now sticks to your floor and the dirt clings to it like a magnet!

Now we understand your time is valuable and no one wants to be a slave to there tile and grout. What we recommend a few different things:

  • If you are going to use a concentrated cleaner, use very little when you mop. Using dish washing soap is best. Consider that when you wash your dishes you are degreasing them and removing the leftover food. The plate you are cleaning are made of ceramic or porcelain…..That is exactly what your floor is made of!
  • Your other option is a Steam cleaner. There are many available on the market. Haan is one of our favorite steam mops. The most important thing is frequent vacuuming and to not over mop your floor. Do not mop for the sake of moping. The less amount of water you introduce to your floor the better.

What will Groutastic use to steam clean my tile and grout?

We will use a truck mounted commercial grade steam cleaner which is mounted in the back of our van. It will produce 230 degrees of steam which will lift the dirt off of your floor. It is then vacuumed into a waste tank which is located in our van.

How long will it take for Groutastic to clean my floor?

The length of the job depends on the size, but most floors can be cleaned within two hours, including set up and breakdown of our equipment.

How long after Groutastic finishes cleaning my floor, can I walk on it?

You can walk on your newly cleaned floor after twenty minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours for the grout dry completely. Have a question? Please call us at 631-924-0544 or email us at [email protected]

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