Why ReGrouting?

Old or damaged grout makes the most beautiful tile look unappealing. Grout mildews, begins to look aged and presents a health hazard. Rerouting bathroom tile is a simple, inexpensive way to make old tile look fresh and new. Read on to learn how to regrout bathroom tile.

Groutastic! ReGrouting

Don’t be fooled by a handy man claiming that they will regrout your shower. For the best results, regrouting should only be done by a professional. We do not use Pre-mixed grouts like others who grout on top of the old grout. Grout is not a glue and new grout will not stick on old grout, long term. Grout needs the space between the tiles to fill up for strength and longevity. Groutastic removes all the old grout, then mixes our powdered grout with acrylic additive (not water). The acrylic additive we use gives your grout strength and has an anti mold built in.

After grouting and drying the walls, we then buff them out. We then caulk your shower to prevent water from getting behind the walls.


Will Groutastic grout over the old grout?

Never. Groutastic removes all of the old grout from your shower by hand before applying new grout.

Why does Groutastic mix their grout with acrylic additive?

Groutastic replaces the water in the grout with acrylic additive because it hardens the grout and adds an anti-mold property to it. This will help your fight against mold in your shower.

I have missing grout. Should I have a full regrout or just have fill in the missing grout?

Nine time out of ten, filling in the missing grout only puts a “bandaid” on your problem. The repaired grout never matches the old grout. This will make your shower look worse.

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