Groutastic now offers Hard Water/Soap Scum cleaning.

Our hard water removal system is 100% acid/chemical free and organic.

Great on

  • Any glass surface including shower doors and windows
  • Glass table tops
  • Polished metals & fixtures
  • Tile, porcelain and stone

Protect with Envicoat

After your hard water and soap scum is removed always protect the surfaces with Envicoat. Envicoat is a water repellant surface treatment that protects against moisture, corrosion, oxidation and hard water. It keeps surfaces cleaner longer by providing a clear, invisible protective barrier that will not crack, chip, peel or discolor.

Great on

  • Provides better than wax protective coating
  • Reduces hard water buildup on shower glass doors, sinks, fixtures, windows, glass tables, tiles, stone, mirrors, and more.
  • Great for residential/commercial. Indoor and outdoor

Why do you get white hard water spots and soap scum in your shower?

Water droplets are left on your shower glass and tile. After the water evaporates what's left behind are the minerals and calcium in the water. The minerals and calcium built up on the surface is known as hard water spots.

The hard water that is left behind will also attract the soaps that are used in your shower. The soap that sticks to the hard water is known as soap scum.

How do we remove hard water and soap scum?

We use a cleaner in conjunction with our hard water machine to remove the hard water. Our cleaner is 100% acid/chemical free and all organic. It cleans without etching or scratching. It does not damage surrounding surfaces, such as paint, tiles or fact our hard water cleaning can help those surfaces as well.

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