What is Color Stain?

Color Stain, also known as Grout Stain, Grout Colorant, Grout Paint, or Grout Dye, can be used to re color, refresh & seal grout. Grout Stain is an excellent alternative to having to re-grout an entire tile floor.

Groutastic! Color Stain

After our technician stream cleans your floor you have two choices of sealer.

  • The first is to clear seal your grout. Clear sealing your grout seals the grout as is. The longevity of your clear grout sealer depends on what you are cleaning with. If you are using a strong cleaner, bleach or vinegar you will prematurely strip the sealer.
  • Your other choice is Grout Color Sealing. This is the Cadillac of sealers. After we steam clean your floor and dry it we can then apply a grout color sealer. This will re-color your grout without the mess and dust of grinding it out. If you are not grinding your grout out you have no chance of chipping your tile during that process. The color sealer absorbs into the grout, sealing and recoloring it, from the surface down. This color/sealer last 10-15 years . That means coffee, grape juice, red wine, or any other dirt will not absorb into the grout and make it very easy to clean! During the first 24 hours after your grout has been colored, you should not walk with shoes on the floor or wash the floor for five to seven days.

How long does color sealer last?

Color stain will seal and color your grout generally for 10 to 15 years, with proper maintenance.

Is Groutastic going to paint my grout?

No. The grout stain is not as thick as wall paint and not as thin as a wood stain. Its consistency is in between and when applied it absorbs, seals and recolors from the surface down.

What color do I choose?

Color is all about your preference. There is no wrong or right color selection. Generally customers choose to stain their grout with their existing color.

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