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Whats New With Groutastic ?

November 14, 2015

Groutastic is a progressive company who is always looking to improve the way we provide services and always adding new service for our customers. For 2012 we have added Hard water / Soap Scum removal. This service is great for glass shower doors, Windows, Glass tables etc.

Besides our Hard Water service as always we still provide services for tile and grout cleaning, Shower grouting, Grout staining and Grout painting, Granite polishing and sealing. Feel free to call us with any question. Josh Kaplan( Owner)

Pavertastic! Coming Soon!

November 14, 2015

Stay tuned.

Tile cleaning & Grout Cleaning Steam or no Steam?

November 14, 2015

Over the past few years many of our customers have asked the age old question……Will steam cleaning hurt our floor? Especially during Tile cleaning or Grout cleaning ? I always wondered why would our customers be so concerned about this? What would give them the idea that steam cleaning would effect the grout?

I realized that they were reading the talking points of some of our competitors websites. They were even being told that while having an estimate.Being that we specialize in truck mounted steam cleaning this was a concern of mine. I always knew tile and grout cleaning with a truck mounted steam cleaner was the way to clean that why we always prided ourselves on using them.

As I research this more I realized there was no problem with steam cleaning. Even our manufacture ( of our truck mounted steam cleaning equipment has said there has never been a scientific study done because there is no industry issue with it.

1# question If get about cleaning tile and grout with a steam cleaner is. Will it blow out my grout? The answer is no! While we are performing tile cleaning and grout cleaning on your floor and the grout is already compromised or loose we want the vacuum to pick it up so we can see the damaged area and repair it on site. The steam cleaner does not have the ability to dislodge grout. In simple terms grout is made of portland cenemt, Sometimes sand and a colored dye. You would need a diamond saw to remove it, not steam.

To the age old question “to steam or not to steam” this is what I found. The companies that say truck mounted steam cleaning can hurt your grout do not have the knowledge to answer that question. In fact in my opinion the only reason they make statements like this is because they themselves do not invest in the money in their business and buy the steam cleaning equipment.

Truck mounted steam cleaning equipment is a very big investment and unlike my competitors we have always saw the need and made sure we invested in the proper equipment needed for our customers.

In conclusion when getting estimates on tile cleaning or grout cleaning make sure to comparing the services you are being offered . Do not settle for less than a professional truck mounted steam cleaning for your floors!


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